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Applied Engineering Resources, Inc. is a full-service real estate appraisal and valuation consulting firm located in Portage Indiana, approximately 30 miles south of Chicago.  Due to our close proximity to Chicago's  O'Hare and Midway airports we can service our clients with minimal delays in travel.  although our geographic client base is centered around the Midwestern states, we have also provided our services throughout the U.S. 

Seasoned tax, accounting, appraisal and engineering professionals handle each client engagement.  Staff members are well versed in the areas of corporate taxation, auditing, accounting, data processing, fixed assets, appraisal, valuation, cost engineering, estimating, and architecture Furthermore, their fully aware of federal lending requirements of banks, mortgage companies, finance companies, and saving and loans. The major industries in which AER operates including:

Our staff consists of professionals who are dedicated to learning and increasing their level of expertise.  One unique characteristic of AER is that our staff functions autonomously.  Professionals engaged in marketing services for the company also function as account managers providing professional services as well.  Over time, this corporate structure has proven to be one of our strongest assets due to a one-on-one relationship with our clients.


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