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Business Development Consultant, National Cost Segregation Services

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As a Senior Consultant, Dick’s responsibilities include business development and client support on a national level. Growth and retention are two factors that measure progress and promote healthy client relationships. His credo is “attend to client needs, follow through, and build trust based on truth”. Starting his career in 1981 with Marshall & Stevens as Vice President of Sales afforded him the opportunity to develop business relationships with C-level leaders of Fortune 500 companies across the United States and Internationally. Many of which he is still in contact with today.

With over 30 years of valuation experience he has completed more than 10,000 projects. He specializes in depreciation studies such as Cost Segregation and Asset Disposition Analysis. Tax credit services include 179D, 45L, R&D, and IC-DISC analysis. Valuation studies include both Real Estate Appraisal and Machinery and Equipment Appraisal services. He has partnered with many CPA firms, working with a diverse variety of industries including manufacturing, electronics, real estate, healthcare, banking, food and beverage, financial, transportation, industrial, petroleum, and others.

He is an accounting major from Bloomsburg University (S.T.C.), has experience as the CFO of a major corporation, and is well suited to provide tax and valuation services to a diverse list of clients. When he is not meeting with clients he enjoys fishing, golf, swimming and reading.

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