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Business Development Consultant, Engineered Cost Segregation Services

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As a Senior Consultant, David’s responsibilities include managing engagements, client interaction, and direct oversight of cost segregation projects. Starting his career in 1985 as a cost segregation consultant with Valtec & Associates, David has completed engineered cost segregation studies in a variety of industries including apartments, senior living communities, medical, resorts, hotels, offices, retail, supermarket, food service, processing, warehousing, distribution, pharmaceutical laboratory, light and heavy manufacturing.

Clients include Fortune 1000 corporations, investors, developers, and private equity firms. Engaged in both cost segregation and intangible business valuations, David has provided reporting for fixed and intangible asset reconciliation, stock value, and merger and acquisition equity positioning. Additional employers include Merrill Lynch Business Brokerage and Valuation and Accenture Consulting.

Suited with a strong construction engineering and finance background David’s ability to analyze complex data and systems is one of his strengths. When David is not working he enjoys spending time with his family, reading, Zen, golfing, and vacationing in exotic places.

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